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Competitive Player Requirements


Seasonal fee

  • Varies per year, but only one fee charged at the beginning of season

  • Player card will be held if fee isn’t paid by deadline – NO EXCEPTIONS

Uniform fee

  • New uniforms every two years – due to suppliers discontinuing the previous ones

Volunteer Duties

  • Player’s family is required to fulfill 1 - two hour volunteer shift per season.  This will be one in the fall and one in the spring, but does not include QCSSO.

    • Example of opportunities: Coach REC team, Coach Travel team, Field Day, Field Marshall, Concession Help etc…

  • High School players only - can fulfill their own volunteer duties

  • High School teams are only required to fulfill their volunteer duty per season of play

  • Not fulfilling volunteer duties or not showing up to a volunteer duty will result in a $125 fine that will be added to your account. Player card will be pulled if not paid.

Team Seasonal Tournaments

  • Cost will be based on the club holding the tournament and number of rostered players on team. Coach or manager of team will notify players of the tournament cost and players will need to turn the money into their individual coach/manager of team.

QCSSO Club Tournament

  • Player’s family required to volunteer for 1 shift at the tournament. Does not replace seasonal volunteer duties.

Club Fundraiser Night

  • Each team is required to fill two tables for Trivia/Bingo Night, or other equivalent requirement set forth if another fundraiser is chosen. The club tries hard to work around tournaments and school functions when scheduling this event. It’s a lot of fun and great place to get to know other club families.

  • Each team is required to donate a “Team Basket” for the event. Depending on the team, usually one person puts the basket together and then divides the cost by players to figure amount.

Optional Events

  • Any other fundraisers

  • Spirit Wear orders