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 (Revised 2.19.2020)


Letter of Introduction



Dear Parent and EMSSC Soccer Player,


Our staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the EMSSC Soccer Program.  We are working extremely hard to build a successful program.  As you most certainly already know, the key to such continued success for any program is the relentless drive and desire for improvement.  Therefore, it takes a special athlete and parental support to meet these demands.  What we are looking for:


            1. Players who are willing to work hard during season and out of season.

            2. Players that are willing to make sacrifices.

            3. A high level of expectations from coaches and players.

            4. A COMMITMENT to your team, training sessions, and coaching staff.


The information included with this letter will be an outline of our program's expectations for your son/daughter.  This was created to help clarify what it means to play soccer within EMSSC.


Please take the time to read through the information with your son/daughter.  If you have any questions please contact appropriate persons within this Code of Conduct manual.


The EMSSC Coaching Staff is looking forward to a fun, exciting, and rewarding season.  We would like to express our deep appreciation for you continued support and dedication in helping us to achieve our goals.


Yours in Soccer











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Our mission at EMSSC is to foster individual and player development through the game of soccer.  This will help build strong players and competitive teams.  We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment through our experienced and energetic coaching staff.




Our vision at EMSSC is to teach individual and team responsibility through soccer related challenges.  We expect positive character compliments from the peers within the community.  We want to consistently educate the players through positive coaching role models about responsibility, accountability, and team work.  We also expect a strong committed work ethic from both our coaching staff and players within the club





Welcome to the EMSSC Soccer program.  WE are very pleased that you have made the commitment to be part of our program.  It is our responsibility, as coaches, to assure that no one out works us, out prepares us, or out hustles us.  IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION to give 100% attention and effort in every training session so we may realize our greatest potential.





There are four basic roles in the EMSSC Soccer Program.  Each role has with it a certain set of responsibilities.  It is your personal responsibility to understand these roles and stay true to them.

            1. TECHNICAL- This is the foundation of learning individual skills on the ball.

            2. TACTICAL- This is the formation/style our team will implement into the match.

            3. PSYCHOLOGICAL- The ability to remain focused throughout the entire match.

            4. PHYSICAL- To maintain good conditioning throughout the entire match and season.


In order for us to be successful we must understand these roles and implement them during our training sessions which will in turn lead us to a successful season. 






Training Sessions:

Training sessions will be ran by our licensed coaches with assistance from our licensed staff coaches.  Training session will be held at the Panther Pitch and you should allow for up to one and a half hours of training unless specified by your team coach.  Be prepared in inclement weather that you are able to pick up you player quickly. 


Player Equipment:

Players will wear appropriate clothing during training sessions including shin guards.  Shin guards may be removed for pre training or during non-contact warm ups.  Men will not be allowed to go without a shirt or cut off the sleeves, and women’s team player will wear shirts with the sleeves intact.  Also women will not be allowed to wear sports bras only for training and everyone will remain in their shirts until they are in the vehicles and leaving the facility.


Parent Volunteers:

The most underappreciated, yet most important part of any program are the parents.  You are the biggest fans and financial supporters.  We need for you parents to act in a positive manor when present at either home or away games.  THE COACHING STAFF GREATLY APPRECIATES THAT YOU DO NOT COACH FROM THE SIDELINES.  This generally creates confusion to the players and an inability for your son/daughter to execute the proper tactical training that the coaching staff has presented to them during training session. Help is always encouraged and most definitely appreciated.  Within EMSSC we need assistance in the following areas, Concessions, Field Marshalling, Fundraising, and Game day operations.  Volunteering can/will include any Tournament prep and/or field day (set up/tear down).  EVERY parent must volunteer 3 hours a season, (FALL and SPRING).  Failure to do so may result in a fine and pulling of player card.


Trivia Night or Rock N Roll Bingo Fundraiser:

Again, we rely on fundraising to make our program successful.  During Trivia Night or Rock N Roll Bingo each team is to have two tables representing them and one donation basket for raffles.  If this is not accomplished your team will be fined $150 per missing table and $100 for the basket. 







Public Image:

The fact that you are a member of the EMSSC Soccer Program automatically puts you in the spotlight.  Players, fans, peers, teachers, coaches, and people who may be antagonistic toward athletes closely scrutinize your actions.  You are not only to follow the EMSSC Code of Conduct, but also set a proper example during school and in the community.  This remains in effect from the time you accept the commitment to being a part of the EMSSC Soccer Program until you choose to leave the program. 



Use the appropriate title when addressing teachers, elders, and coaches.  Under no circumstances will foul or abusive language be tolerated and disciplinary measures will be taken.



Check with your individual team coaches for start times for your training sessions.  It is your responsibility to inform your coach when you will be missing from training sessions.  You have unrealistic expectations if you expect to play during games if you are missing training sessions. 



Please use appropriate language when addressing parents, opposing coaches/players and officials.  This includes training sessions.


Social Media:

Please use appropriate language and photos when posting to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.  Failure to do so will or may end up in suspensions.  Do not post, tweet, or Facebook any negative or derogatory comments about players, coaches, board members, or opposing players/coaches. 






    Training sessions will be held at the Panther Pitch unless your coach desires another location. 

    Arrive 15 minutes prior to the training session so you are ready to start at the stated time.

    NO SHOOTING on goal when you arrive.  Start with some small passing and juggling.

    NO use of cell phones during training session or during breaks.







Arrive 40 minutes prior to game time unless otherwise stated by your head coach. If an away tournament and you are driving up that day it is a good idea to arrive 1 hour prior to game time to get a proper stretch.


End of Game:

All players are expected to clean up there benches home and or away.  DO NOT LEAVE TRASH BEHIND.


Playing Time:

The coach will make all decisions regarding playing time.  A PLAYER’S PLAYING TIME IS EARNED, NOT GRANTED.  The player’s attendance and participation in training are determining factors in the coach’s decision regarding playing time.  If a player wants to play, they will make every effort to be at all training sessions and games, giving 100% effort all the time.  A parent will NEVER discuss with the coaching staff a players playing time after a game and or training session.  The parent can ask for a meeting to discuss this situation with the coaching staff. 


Player Positions:

Starting positions are not permanent.  They may fluctuate for various reasons such as, injury, discipline, absenteeism, and poor academic performance.  Players and parents should be fully aware that these decisions are always made with the best interest of the TEAM, and not for the individual. 




EMSSC soccer players will not speak to opposing players, opposing coaches, parents, or officials (unless you are the team captain).  Talking “trash” to opposing teams only leads to loss of the PSYCHOLOGICAL side of the game.  This type of “trash talking” will not be tolerated. 

While sitting on the bench players will align their bags and other equipment behind their benches so it does not impede the official’s movement along the sidelines.





Absences and Lateness:


                        Family (death or sudden illness)

                        Emergency medical treatment



                        Serious injury

                        Illness (2)



                        Hair cut



The coaching staff must know beforehand about any absence.  Communication is key and the coaching staff should be notified 24 hours in advance if possible.  If situations with extenuating circumstances arise, the coaching staff will handle each case on an individual basis.  Discipline for any infraction will be looked at on an individual basis including any discipline towards the coaching staff. 


Players Code of Conduct

Players will show good sportsmanship at all time.

·         Players will treat every player, parent, coach and referee with respect and courtesy.

·         Players will refrain from derogatory language, profanity, or any distasteful actions towards or around other players, parents, coaches or referees.

·         Players never argue calls made by referees.

·         Try to help other players on your team and on other teams become better players.

Players will do their best to better understand the game of soccer.

·         Players will abide by the rules of soccer.

·         Players should always show up to practice and games on time, dressed and ready to learn the game of soccer. Tardy players are subject to less playing time.

·         Know that mistakes happen, but learn from them.

Remember that your goal is to HAVE FUN while improving upon your soccer skills and understanding.

Parents Code of Conduct

 Parents will set a good example for all players at all times.

·         Parents will treat every player, parent, coach and referee with respect and courtesy.

·         Parents will refrain from derogatory language, profanity, or any distasteful actions towards and around players, parents, coaches or referees.

·         Parents will NOT partake in drugs or alcohol while viewing games or practices.

Parents should serve as positive role models for all players.

·         Parents should help their child toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship every game and practice.

·         Parents should help their child understand the importance of hard work and honest effort to ensure growth and development.

·         Parents should support their child with positive encouragement and genuine interest in the player's team.

·         Parents should applaud good play on both teams, and NOT focus on the score of the game.

Parents should encourage players to set personal goals playing the game of soccer.

·         Parents should let the player choose their own goal.

·         Remember parents, your child is the participant, NOT you! Let them play for themselves. Take care not to impose your own standards and goals.

·         Parents should strive to gain knowledge and understanding of the game of soccer.


Understand that your coaches are volunteers. Coaches need your support to help in their effort in making SOCCER a positive experience for your child.


Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches will set a good example for all players and parents at all time.

·         Coaches will treat every player, parent, coach and referee with respect and courtesy

·         Coaches will refrain from derogatory language, profanity, or any distasteful actions towards or around players, parents, coaches or referees.

·         Coaches will NOT partake in drugs or alcohol while coaching at games or practices.

Coaches will do their best to help players and parents better understand the game of soccer.

·         Coaches will have their players abide by the rules of soccer.

·         Coaches will keep informed on good principles of coaching to ensure growth and development.

·         Coaches will enlist the support of their teams' parents to help instill the proper attitudes and values of players.

Coaches will provide a safe haven for players to practice the game of soccer.

·         Coaches will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of each player.

·         Coaches will follow the advice of any doctor or physician to determine when a player is ready to come back from injury.

·         Coaches will assume responsibility for cleanliness of facilities upon completion of games or practices.

Coaches will NOT offer any other group or organization use of facilities or equipment without approval of EMSSC.

Coaches will NOT pressure players by informing them that is he/she does not play during present season then they cannot play the next season.