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New to Soccer?

If you're new to soccer you probably have a million questions about how this whole soccer thing works. The information below was compiled to help you out.






Registration Timeline

Registration typically ends about 4 weeks prior to the first games. EMSSC posts the open registration on the website, as well as sends out emails and text messages. We even send fliers to the schools and advertise in the local newspapers. In the weeks following the registration deadline we are creating the rosters, scheduling the games, ordering team shirts, ordering fundraiser merchandise,  meeting with the team coaches, and preparing the facilities.







Initial Contact

Approximately 3 weeks before the first scheduled games the coaches are given their team rosters and should begin contacting team members. The practice locations and times are determined by the coach.










There are 3 basic pieces of equipment that every player should have in their arsenal.
Shin guards - Shin guards are a must. A player will not be permitted to play or even practice without them.

Cleats - Cleats are not required for recreational play, but are STRONGLY recommended. Cleats help avoid many injuries. There is a difference between soccer, baseball, and football cleats.

Soccer ball - Coaches are given extra balls to bring with them to practice, but it is still recommended that every child get their own soccer ball.
EMSSC sponsors an Equipment Exchange program by providing donated equipment to those who needed it. Visit the garage (next to teh concession stand) on Saturdays during Rec season to view the inventory of donated items.


Practices typically begin 2 weeks prior to the first game. Most coaches schedule 2 practices a week, but may only schedule 1 if attendance is low.  Sometimes coaches may schedule scrimmages against other rec teams.

Jacobs Northeast Park is the location of all the EMSSC Rec games which are scheduled on Saturday mornings.

Players MUST not wear any jewelry of any kind, except for medical alert bracelets. Earrings must be removed or taped over.

Show-up 30 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled game. This gives the players an opportunity to stretch-out and for the coaches to set their starting rosters.

Spectators are NOT permitted to sit on the same sides as the teams. This is distracting to the players and coaches.

If your coach scheduled you to bring treats and you forgot, don't worry. The concession stand has snack packs for $1.00 each child.


In order to keep the EMSSC registration costs low, we must conduct a yearly fundraiser. The club includes the fundraiser in the cost of the fall registration.  The member can sell the item an keep the money to assist in keeping their cost low.  Their is not a buy out option. If you choose not to participate, simply do not sell the item.


EMSSC is a non-profit organization which relies exclusively on volunteers to operate. All parents should anticipate being asked to volunteer at least once during a season.

Difference Between Pride and Rec Programs

The EMSSC Recreational program, more commonly referred to as Rec, provides the basic introduction to the sport of soccer. Rec is available for to children ages 4 to 14. Rec games happen for 6 consequtive weeks, always on Saturdays, and always at Jacobs Northeast Park. There are typically 1-2 practices a week and 6 games per spring/fall session.

The EMSSC Pride program, often referred to as Travel, is a competitive program for children who have demonstrated more advanced soccer skills. Pride participation comes at a higher cost in both time and money. Pride games occur Saturdays and Sundays and many locations throughout the region. There are typically 2-3 practices a week and 8 games per spring/fall session, not including the 3-5 tournaments per year.