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Rules & Regulations

Game Day Etiquette
This is recreational soccer. The focus is for players, coaches, and referees to gain knowledge on the concepts of soccer, learn good sportsmanship, and to have fun. EMSSC will NOT tolerate any derogatory language or dissension from any participant, coach, referee, or spectator.

Park only in authorized parking areas. Click here to view the field map.

The center drive going down the middle of the park is NOT for drop-off.

By city ordinance, dogs are not allowed at Jacobs Northeast Park.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your game to ensure proper warm-up.

Spectators are not permitted to sit on the team sides of the field, nor at the ends of the fields as these are distractions to the players and coaches. Click here to view the field map. Areas in yellow are where spectators are permitted to sit.

Keep in mind, referees are learning too.

Game Day Requirements

Shin guards are MANDATORY

Absolutely NO jewelry, except for medical alert bracelets.

Hard casts are not permitted.

Cleats are not mandatory, but are strongly recommended. Cleats with a toe spike are not permitted.

Dress for the weather. The temperatures are always more extreme at Jacobs Northeast Park.

Always wear shin guards!

Bring a ball if you have one. If not, the coaches will have a few.

Bring a beverage.

Dress for the weather. If practicing at Jacobs Northeast Park, the temperatures are always more extreme.

EMSSC volunteer coaches are not free child care. If parents intend to leave while a child is at practice, be sure to return by the conclusion of practice.

Differences By Division




Division Game Length Competition
Offsides Ball
U14 (2) 25 minute halves 11v11 Yes 5 2,4,5
U10 (4) 10 minute quarters 8v8 Yes 4 1,3,6
U8 (4) 10 minute quarters 8v8 No 4 7,8
U6 (4) 8 minute quarters 6v6 No 3 9B
U5 (4) 8 minute quarters 5v5 No 3 9A,