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 EMSSC Travel Rules & Regulations


Official Rules.  The Club's playing rules are governed by current FIFA Laws of the Game; parent organizations of the Club (e.g. USSF, IYSA); and other affiliate organizations (e.g. ILLOWA League), except as modified by the Executive Board.


All Board-approved exceptions to the Official Rules must be published prior to the start of the playing schedule and supplied to each coach and referee.


All participants of the Pride program who are U-10 or lower are required to participate in the EMSSC Recreational Program.  Attendance to all Rec games and at least one Rec practice and one travel practice a week is expected.


All travel teams must submitt their tournament request to the Travel Coaches Committee for approval prior to registering for a tournament. 


U-10 teams and younger can attend one tournament during the rec season with approval of the travel coordinator.


All guest players will be chosen from club members.  If none are available, the guest spot can be filled with players from outside the club.   

Complaints are to be taken to the team coach first.  If the complaint is not resolved, it can be submitted in writing to the grievance committee.  Do not complain to coaches immediatley after a game. Allow for a "cooling off" period.


Severe WeatherIn the event of severe weather, lightning, or a warning (siren), the highest-ranking Board Member present shall immediately stop play.  Games in progress and future games may be suspended or postponed at that Board Member's discretion.  Games stopped in-progress may be resumed at the exact time of the stopped game clock and score.


Parent Information: 

Travel parents are required to participate in the club fundraisers.  These include, but are not limited to, the club sponsored tournament, Taco Dinner, trivia night and any other club fundraiser.    These fundraisers keep the cost for all players affordable.    The penalty for not participating in the club fundraisers could result in a fine for the team or player or other penalty imposed by the board. 

Travel parents are required to volunteer at the soccer fields.   This volunteer duty allows us to keep our cost low.  We do not hire concession employees or field marshals.   EMSSC relies on volunteers to do these duties. 

Penalty for not participating in travel field duty,  or other required volunteer duty, (tournament or fundraiser) will result in a team fine.  

All travel team volunteer spots not filled at will result in the offending parent’s travel team to be penalized $75.00 per volunteer spot.  We make every effort to schedule these times near your child’s game times.  Occasionally this is not possible. 


All parents are to abide by the EMSSC Code of Conduct.  Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may result in discipline from the grivance committee. 

Please read the By-Laws posted on  and stay current with club information.


Team Fundraisers
Teams wishing to conduct a team fundraiser must submit their request to the Fundraising Committee. See the Online Requests section of this website.


Pride Spirit Wear

All spirit wear must have club logo on it.  All spirit wear must be approved by the club.  No individual team is allowed to purchase spirit wear for their individual team, parents, or fans. Club spirit wear may be personalized with players name, number or team name.