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A reminder if you are a Field Marshall:

Field Marshall is not a difficult volunteer position.  It is the most popular volunteer duty we offer.


A Field Marshall may assist the referee by checking in the team.  Please check to make sure all players have on shin guards, proper cleats and no jewelry.  Hard cast are not allowed.  If they are wrapped in padding, it is up to the referee to determine if they play. if you have not done this before, a board member will be happy to assist you in checking in a team.

During Illowa games, the Field Marshall will hold player cards for all teams that play 11 vs 11, (on field 2, 4, and 5).  During Tournament play, all teams cards will be held by the Field Marshall.  This is to ensure if a red card is issued, the card can be given to the appropriate official.  (Ref or Board member)

All player cards are checked to make sure they match the player.  Teams must have players cards, they must be laminated and presented prior to the game.

During the game, the Field Marshall is to be visible.  He should sit or stand so he is seen by the coaches and players.  Field Marshall's are NOT  to sit on the sideline of a game. If you are unsure of where you should sit ask a board member.   A Field Marshall may be asked to supervise multiple games.   All Field Marshall's should have a radio and vest.  Often  you will be given a cooler with ice for player injuries.

The Field Marshall's job is to keep the peace.  If you see an issue with parents, coaches or players, please call a board member to the field to address the issue.  If an injury is serious, call a board member to the field so we can contact EMS if needed. 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact a board member.   Thank you for volunteering!!